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Natural, renewable and a sustainable source of energy, seasoned wood presents an excellent low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. Our wood yard at Pool Bank Farm has been supplying quality seasoned logs, woodchip and kindling to homes and businesses across the Leeds, Bradford, Wharfedale and Airedale areas for three generations. As one of the region’s leading tree care providers, Treeworld locally harvests all of the logs we sell and we provide a reliable all-year-round log delivery service to our customers.

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The Treeworld difference

Many commercial log suppliers import wood or use kilns to artificially dry the logs they sell: both processes that require significant amounts of energy. At Treeworld, all of the logs, woodchip and kindling we supply are locally harvested and naturally seasoned in our own wood yard, before being barn-stored to protect them from the elements. Not only does this mean that our logs have a smaller carbon footprint; it also ensures that our customers benefit from a consistently high quality supply of dry wood fuel that burns efficiently and with less smoke.

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