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Tree pruning
and tree removal

Trees can enrich our gardens and urban landscapes; however, they can also become a problem if they become overgrown, outgrow their location, become diseased or damage has made them unsightly or unsafe. Treeworld offers a wide range of tree services covering every stage of a tree’s life. As tree care professionals, we take the time to understand the nature of your enquiry and offer professional guidance to help you make the right decisions. We place quality and safety at the heart of everything we do and always work according to industry best-practice recommendations for tree work, including British Standard BS 3998:2010.

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Tree pruning

Pruning is a highly effective solution to a range of tree challenges. Drawing back and removing branches, thinning canopies, balancing unruly crowns, reducing weighty limbs and leaf volume, removing crossing branches and troublesome deadwood are just some of the skilled techniques we apply to improve tree aesthetics and safety. Pruning is an effective solution for increasing space, light and plant regeneration a shady garden. Targeted and considerate pruning can also be a way of restoring balance and revealing the hidden beauty of an otherwise unremarkable tree specimen. Making safe a hazardous or damaged tree is our speciality. From crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown reduction and crown lifting, to crown shaping and balancing, pollarding, coppicing, hedge laying, ivy and epicormic growth removal; Treeworld’s team of professional arborists are skilled in all aspects of tree pruning and have been trusted by domestic, commercial and local authority customers across Leeds, Bradford and the North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire regions for over thirty years.

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Tree removal

Trees are beautiful; however, if they are in the way, at risk of failure and posing a risk to people or property, there is sometimes no option but to remove them. As an established tree contractor, Treeworld has the experience, expertise and equipment necessary to remove trees and stumps safely, efficiently, competitively and with the minimum of disruption. Large project or small, domestic customer or business; our qualified team will manage every aspect of your project – from site risk assessment to tree, stump, vegetation and debris removal. We are the tree care team you can trust. We also hold a waste carrier’s licence from the Environment Agency and will dispose of all tree debris efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.

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