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Tree preservation orders (TPO) and getting approval for tree work in conservation areas can present a number of challenges to property owners and developers. Permission must be sought from local planning authorities and there are strict guidelines on the works that can be carried out. Getting the paperwork right can feel both time-consuming and confusing; however, penalties for non-compliance are often stiff. This is why Treeworld offers a comprehensive planning support and consultancy service. We will manage the entire process for you, applying for permission and liaising directly with local council planning authorities on your behalf.

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Treeworld has worked closely with local authorities across the Yorkshire region for more than three decades. We can advise you on a wide range of local authority and planning issues relating to trees, hedges and vegetation, and we will help you secure the right permissions to resolve your problem. If necessary, we can even meet with local tree officers to discuss the proposed works in more detail. Once we have secure approval for your application, we will carry out all of the works safely, efficiently and in full compliance with all environmental legislation and local planning conditions.

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The right experts for the job

Treeworld’s extensive network of specialist partners includes arboricultural consultants, environmental specialists and invasive vegetation experts. We can put you in touch with a trusted, experienced subject-matter expert who will deliver the perfect solution for you. The purpose of an ecological tree survey is to determine which habitats or species exist and to highlight any potential ecological constraints. The most common ecological surveys in relation to trees are bird and bat nesting checks. With the help of our associate ecologists, we can help customers identify the right time to perform a survey and the best consultant for the job. We will also ensure that everyone involved is aware of the seasonal constraints associated with undertaking protected species survey works.

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