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Tree work in ecologically sensitive areas

As an ecologically responsible tree and hedge care provider, Treeworld always strives to minimise the impact of all tree and hedge work on wildlife and local environments. However, certain locations and sites of significant special interest (SSSI) demand even higher levels of care. Treeworld is one of Yorkshire’s only tree and hedge care companies to specialise in extremely low-impact tree work in ecologically sensitive areas. Our fleet of modern equipment includes a state-of-the-art Oxtrac skidder – a low-impact timber extraction machine with a smaller footprint than even traditional horse logging techniques. This allows us to reach trees in otherwise inaccessible locations, with minimal impact on the surrounding biotope.

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Woodlands, parks and nature reserves

Whether unsafe branches are posing a risk to users of nearby nature trails or trees need to be removed to encourage healthy woodland growth, Treeworld has the expertise and machinery to deliver quality low-impact tree work – even in hard-to-reach locations. We regularly work with some of the biggest names in UK conservation, including Natural England and The National Trust. We are also trusted tree care partners for local councils and landowners across the North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire areas and we have worked at some of the region’s most ecologically sensitive sites. We strictly adhere to all environmental and wildlife protection legislation, including the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Conservation (NaturalHabitats) Regulations 1994.

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