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There is more to preserving the health of a tree than taking care of the parts above the ground. Treeworld is a leading provider of complete tree and hedge health management from the roots upwards. Trees can start to fail when they are not getting enough nutrients from the soil or if their root systems are compacted by vehicles or heavy plant. Treeworld is one of the region’s only tree and hedge care providers to specialise in air spading – a modern, non-invasive technique that allows the arborist to aerate soil or expose the major roots and fine feeder roots of a tree to perform a range of treatments on the root system.

TreeWorld image for Root decompaction

Root decompaction

Accidental root compactions on protected trees can be a costly delay for any development project. Local planning authorities can issue fines or seek an injunction to stop site works if machinery or materials compact the roots of protected trees . Treeworld is trusted by the UK’s leading developers to provide a reliable, efficient root decompaction service. Our SSIP Work Safe-accredited tree specialists are fully insured and carry valid CSCS cards. Using our air spade, we will work quickly and safely to remedy root damage and minimise disruption to your development project.

TreeWorld image for Soil revitalisation

Soil revitalisation

Trees can become sick and even fail altogether if they are not receiving the right nutrients from the soil around their root systems. As a complete tree and hedge care specialist, TreeWorld has years of experience in providing effective soil revitalisation solutions. We can use our air spade technology to gently remove poor quality soil from around the tree’s root system, before replacing it with nutrient-rich soil and mulch that will keep the tree happy and healthy for years to come.

TreeWorld image for Root lowering and root pruning

Root lowering and root pruning

Tree roots can be at risk of damage when they are too close to the surface, placing the long-term viability of the entire tree at risk. Our team of tree care specialists have the expertise and equipment to gently expose vulnerable tree roots and reposition them deeper in the ground, where there is less risk of compaction from vehicles or development activities. Where root growth is presenting a risk to nearby paths or structures, we can also offer a root pruning service. We offer professional, impartial advice on all root problems and will always work with you to find the best solution for your requirements.

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