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Stump removal
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A tree stump is an unavoidable consequence of felling any unwanted or failing tree. Depending on the species of tree and the local conditions, it can take as long as ten years for an untreated stump to rot naturally. In some cases – such as with willow – old stumps can even spring to life with new growth. A rotting tree stump can also be unsightly and encourage fungal growth in a garden. Whether your problem is a single stump or you need to clear an entire site for development, Treeworld offers a range of effective solutions for treating and removing your unwanted tree stumps quickly, efficiently and safely.

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Stump treatment

Treating a stump with poison will prevent it from sprouting new shoots and discourage fungal growth. However, as with any hazardous substance, it is important to ensure that the root treatment does not pose a risk to wildlife or nearby plants. As an environmentally responsible tree and root care company, Treeworld uses ecologically safe treatment methods for stump poisoning that are both effective and safe to pets and wildlife.

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Stump removal and stump grinding

Whether you are looking to completely remove an old tree stump from your garden or clear multiple tree stumps from a development site, Treeworld can remove the stumps of even mature trees quickly, safely and effectively. Our fleet of specialist mechanical stump removal equipment includes both tractor-driven and tracked machines, as well as compact, pedestrian-driven stump grinders for removing stumps in confined locations such as domestic gardens. Our skilled stump removal specialists are fully trained in the use of all types of stump grinder and can advise you on the best approach to take with removing any stump – even those in tricky locations.

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